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The Papuan Tour Operator with it's do specialist character of trekking and adventure and fully concentrate in the custom of the tribe culture and nature of Papua

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Hi all...We're a young Portuguese couple living and working in Timor-Leste and we have just came back from a trip to West Papua: Jayapura/Sentani, Raja Ampat and Baliem Valley. As already noted in a previous post, this is West Papua, not PNG. In Raja Ampat we did boat tours, scuba-diving and bird-watching; in Baliem Valley we did a 4-day trek amongst the Dani villages. We had a truly fantastic time and it was largely thanks to Athan and the team at Jefalgi, who did everything to meet our requests, keep us safe, help us with the flights and transfers, answer all our questions, and generally make sure we had a truly unforgettable trip. They really went out of their way to help us with everything, so we really recommend them to anyone planning to travel in West Papua. Hopefully we'll be back next year to do the Korowai trip! Alexmore

It is our hope that you are not wrong on choosing baliem trekthe type of your tour and trip in papua can even choose the local travel agent who truly professional as your partner in papua - If you would like to travel to papua and learn about the culture way of life,  to see the jungle while to re-fresh your eyes or jungle sport, I think Papua in east Indonesia is one of  the best place in the world which you can visit. To plan a trip in papua is easy then other people said to you.   I’ve  been living here  for almost 25 years as tour guide in papua as I don’t know if there are  more interesting places on the earth as Papua is one of the disappearing world for me. read more about travel and advice, papua trip, papua tour, safe travel to papua, existing agent in papua, papua trekking and tours, baliem valley festival and much more in this website.

The baliem valley festival with challenges trekking

baliem valley and the Dani tribe waited a long time to be discovered. Papuan highland belongs to one the most recently explored New Guinea areas. The tall mountains in west papua (Irian Jaya) were generally considered as uninhabited. No sooner than 1398 did the pilot Richard Archbold notice that there was something special about the deep, and large valley situated among the four-thousand meter tall mountains. In the valley there were clearly recognizable fields, similar to those he knew from Europe. Read more about papua trekking, papua trek, baliem valley trekking, baliem valley festival, trekking to papua, papua adventure tours, safety tour to papua.

koroway adventure territory-tree house people

The tree people, korowai ankoroway tripd kombai, live in the basin of the Brazza River in the vast lowland jungles. This is situated in the foothills of the Jayawijaya mountain range, which is in the southwest part of the New Guinea Island in the Indonesian Papua province (Irian Jaya). Mosquitoes and age-old rivalry forced these tribes to build houses in the tops of trees. Some of them are placed as high as 40 m. Korowai and Kombai used to be cannibalistic tribes. We are convinced that they still practice ritually cannibalism, but considerably less frequently.  read more about adventure to koroway, koroway adventure, koroway people expedition, koroway tours,koroway trekking.

trekking to yali territory The Yalis were discovered no sooner thanyali trekking in 1976. They make their homes in the highlands; this is what inhabited areas of mountains are called in Papua. Inland, and especially areas near the mountains, are the least accessible territories which were thus discovered most recently.The Yaly lives on  the hills and flat terrain. The temperature of this area is 20 C—30 C in the day time and  at night 10 C—15 C . The total population of this area about 15.000 people. Compared with the Dani people that the Yali people are more  primitive and traditionally.  They are also less influenced by outside world.  Read more about the yali people exist on baliem valley festival and papua adventure.


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